About Us

Kasupe Bible College was the very first Bible College that the then Missions Department of the AFM of SA established beyond the borders of South Africa, and has since 1956 never ceased to train ministerial students. Functioning under the auspices of the AFM in Zambia, the college has engaged students from all church denominations within the country and beyond its borders. 

Situated on a 16 hectare smallholding bordering a perennial river about 20km north-west of the capital, Lusaka, it is strategically placed to deliver Theological Training Services to the eight countries surrounding Zambia. In an effort to expand and render ever improving training, the college has established working relationships with denominations within these countries.


Areas on the property have been earmarked for the establishment of a clinic as part of its long-term development strategy.


Areas on the property have been earmarked for the establishment of a primary school as part of its long-term development strategy.


The cost of this development project is likely to run into the millions and for that reason, depending on funding opportunities, will be done in various phases with the focus on the most critical needs.


The need for training in Africa is acute, and the declaration in Hosea 4:6  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” is currently experienced in Africa. In joining hands with us and supporting this project, you will indeed be investing in the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Your contribution will be wisely applied to the furtherance of the project with regular progress reporting.

You are most welcome to make contact with us should you require more information and/or a personal visit by the team to explain the vision.